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Dit is een pagina van de oude website, je kunt de nieuwe website vinden op Je kunt ook deze pagina bekijken, die we hebben behouden voor de archiefwaarde.

De nieuwe website of Bekijk deze archiefpagina

Case with DSM

On the 26th of May Study association i.d and Futury will organize a case with DSM. Together we will do a case on the world’s strongest fibre: Dyneema. Take a look at for more information about this new fibre. The topic of the case is: Sustainability & Re-use of life protection materials.

It will take place inside the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering and it will last one afternoon, from 13:00 until 17:00. So, are you a master student and do you like to participate in creative sessions? Sign up at or on the list at the i.d-Column until the 21st of May.