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Join Cases on Tour: Inside Out!

Did you always want to be in contact with people in the business world? Or do you like solving interesting problems for real companies? Or do you just like being around 26 other IDE master students for a week?
Join us on Cases on tour! From 6 – 10 December we will travel around the country with 27 students from all three IDE masters to solve different cases every day. You will solve four different cases for four different companies and through this you will get to know more about industrial design in practice. Next to that you will get to know your IDE colleagues really well over nice dinner and drinks every day. A week to always remember!

Practical information:
€70,- // Three meals a day + transport + stays included // Start: Sunday evening 6th of December

Subscribe at the i.d desk or online:
Deadline for subscription: Friday the 15th of November