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Summercue 2014

June 11th
Missed out on Freshman weekend or just want to play at the square again? Wednesday June 11th you have the chance to experience this moment all over again. From 16.00 you are welcome to play around and see which team is the best at winning. The committee selected different kinds of games for you to play and afterwards there will be a BBQ. Gather with a group of friends and sign up as a team for Summercue from today till Friday the 23rd. Groups from 6 to 10 persons, with at least 6 i.d-Members per team. To join and have something to eat at the BBQ, you will have to pay 9€ as an i.d-Member and 10€ as a non-member at the i.d-Counter, before the 23rd as well. Join in and have some fun!