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Dit is een pagina van de oude website, je kunt de nieuwe website vinden op Je kunt ook deze pagina bekijken, die we hebben behouden voor de archiefwaarde.

De nieuwe website of Bekijk deze archiefpagina

Financieel ALV 3

This time we will inform you about our financial system. What about all the money that was not spend on committees, but on something else? How are we dealing with financial obstacles? And what are our thoughts on the costs that were less then expected. Besides that we also worked on a new form for the National Design Weekend. We would like to turn this into the Dutch Design Jam. Please come and give us your vote to make this change. The assembly will take place at March the 4th from 18.00 in the Wim Crouwel room. We will make sure there is enough to eat, so please let us know if you are coming before February the 28th. You can find more information on the subjects we will discuss right here!