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Speeddates 3rd of June (Master/Bachelor)

To apply: Apply now!

!!Note: We let every company make a selection of 6 students, hence applying for the speeddates unfortunately doesn't always mean you get selected!!

EDS-Casting is specialized in the development of metal castings where we only use material where needed (using FEM/strength analysis). EDS stands for Engineering, Design “AND” Supply so EDS-Casting will develop and supply the actual product.

We are consistently looking for innovators who like to design and develop metal castings including prototyping ready for series production. This includes 3D modeling, design for manufacturing, design for assembly, generate 2D drawings and facilitate manufacturing processes. 3D modeling is a requirement! We offer internships and graduate positions. We also offer assignments which we pay for per hour or per assignment. We are located in Amsterdam and we have an engineering partner in Delft.

MMID is a unique no-nonsense design agency that applies itself to the development of achievable and successful products in which functionality, producibility and design are totally attuned to each other.
This integrated approach helps you to reach your goals:

- a controlled process in terms of time, money and energy
- an optimal price/quality-ratio of the end product
- a well-aimed time-to-market
- a strong market position
- step-by-step innovation

Using our tried-and-tested Product Innovation Process, we take pleasure in addressing complex challenges in collaboration with our clients. We develop strong and usually, patentable solutions that allow you to secure and increase your lead over the competition. What is more, we always keep a close eye on the interests of the end user. A product can only be successful if it perfectly suits the user’s experiential base and actual needs.

npk design
npk design is an international design agency; a strong partner in the development, design, and realization of extremely diverse products for the brand and market of its clients. Strategic advice, industrial design, public design and graphic design, but also engineering and supply management are part and parcel of the services provided.

Hilti provides leading-edge technology to the global construction industry. Hilti products, systems and services offer the construction professional innovative solutions with outstanding added value.

Hilti excels through outstanding innovation, top quality, direct customer relations and effective marketing. Two-thirds of the employees work directly for the customer in sales organizations and in engineering, which means a total of more than 200,000 customer contacts every day. Hilti has its own production plants as well as research and development centers in Europe and Asia.

TOPdesk makes ITIL-based service management software for IT, Facilities Management, and eHRM help desks. Our award-winning solution helps you process questions, complaints and malfunctions. Optimize your services with a user-friendly application, experienced consultants and expert support. Raising your service levels and reducing your workload has never been easier.