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Actid Lunch Lecture: AH Digital Development

AH Digital development is the digital centerpoint for strategy, concept, design and development for everything that smells like digital at Ahold. This includes the creation of Appie on mobile and on the web, Gall&Gall websites, Etos and more. Since 3,5 years, the creative and development process at Digital development is based on agile working methods; scrum. Scrum is one of the leading methods in software development and is focussed on delivering real live results at a high pace. Almost every leading digital company you can think of uses agile to develop software. Trieu Huynh (Manager User Experience at AH) will elaborate on what agile is, how AH got there and how this works for creative processes at AH. Servé Custers (Frog) was part of the creative team at AH and will elaborate on what Agile means from a interaction design process and standpoint.

Wednesday 13th May 12:45-13:30 @ Bernd Schierbeek Hall