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First i.d-Profession case

Monday the 19th was a special day! The brand new committee i.d-Profession held its first case of the year. The first activity was a case performed with Streetlife, a company that designs street furniture.

This case started at the 12th of December with a short visit to Streetlife in Leiden. A week later Streetlife came to IDE here the students had a lunch with the company and presented their moodboards the made during the week. After that they worked on the case generated by Streetlife: “Design street furniture for a graveyard, starting from your own cultural background.” After everyone finished their work in the afternoon, there was a nice drink together with the company at i.d-Kafee.
The first case was a fact and the day can be called a great success! So keep an eye on i.d-Profession for coming events and who knows; maybe next time you’ll be presenting your ideas directly to a design company!