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Exposition Photography Parables - May 16-24

Since the beginning of time, human kind has had the urge to store its memories in visual ways. Pictures. Paintings. Photographs.
A way to experience through the eyes of others in order to feed our own imagination.
Exposid will show you around in this world of snapshots and “Kodak moments”, introduce you to the fine art of photography, make you love it, show you how to turn it into an effective tool for the industrial designer.
Allow us to introduce you to real storytellers.

Monday May 16th, during the break, a professional photographer and Willem de Kooning Academy teacher (Art College) in Rotterdam, Tineke de Lange, will give an inspiring lecture on photography!

Workshop May 24th 18.00-21.00: create your own DIY pinhole camera!!
Have you always dreamed of fabricating your own pinhole camera? Sign up on the list at the exhibition Photography Parables, and we'll see you next Tuesday! it will only cost you 2 euros
PS. There are only 25 places..