About IO Festival
Welcome to the 33rd edition of the biggest annual student festival of the Netherlands… IO Festival! During this 9 hour music festival, which will take place at the TU Delft faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, 1600 students and employees will come and enjoy a wide variety of bands, DJs and other performances on three different stages.

After the very successful IO Festival editions of 2012 (Industries Ignited), 2013 (Illumination) and 2014 (Utopia Disrupted), this year’s edition will turn the faculty of IO into a wonderful mechanical circus tent, where musicians, magicians and acrobats will unite and take you on an unforgettable musical journey. On the first of May, 2015, IO festival: Cirque Mécanique, will open it's doors for the 33rd edition of the most amazing music festival in Delft.
Band & DJ contest
On the 11th of March three bands (Under Construction, Rice 2 and Trigger the Madness) and three DJs (pohon, Tarrels and Straffe Bak) competed for a highly desired spot in the line-up of IO Festival 2015.

The audience listened, danced...and voted! So, who were the winners of this epic battle? We proudly present to you, the band that will be playing at IO Festival 2015: Rice 2! And the winner of the DJ contest, a very dynamic DJ duo: Straffe Bak!

Kick-off ticket sale
On the 1st of April, at 13:00 o’clock in the main hall of IDE, the kick-off of the IO Festival 2015 ticketsale will take place!

This year there are three different ticket prices:
For the first few festival lovers, there are Early Bird tickets that cost only €10! When the Early Bird tickets are sold out, a regular ticket costs €15. However, if you are a member of Study association i.d your ticket costs €11,50

Beware: the previous edition of IO Festival was completely sold out! Make sure you you don’t miss out on the spectacular IO Festival 2015: Cirque Mécanique and buy your ticket as soon as possible!