IO Festival is back! The faculty of IDE as you know it will be transformed into a festival area with everything you need for a full festival experience. IO Festival is the largest Dutch annual student festival, organized for and by students. This year it will blow you away for the 31st time, it will be bigger than ever as we celebrate the 40th birthday of Study association-i.d at midnight. IO Festival will count over 20 bands, DJ's, acts and comedy. Together with 2000 students we will turn the evening into a big, booming event you will never forget. 14th of June - 21:00-06:00 - Faculty of IDE - Doors close at 23:30. The stamped program and your IOF credit card combined are your ticket. The IO Festival entrance is on the bridge in front of Landbergstraat 15.





In case of an epileptic seizure, please consult a medical professional!

StuD mainstage

  • F


    When F came in to this world in 2006, its band members were about 17 years old. By combining their limitless enthusiasm, their massive energy and their extraordinary musical potential within one year F made the earth shake in the local music scene of Den Haag.



    THE DON'T TOUCH MY CROQUE_MONSIEURS are vocalist Abel, guitarist Kaj, bass player Ben and drummer Papalino from Amsterdam-Noord. Their Dutch Punk-hop repertoire includes for instance the phenomenally well received albums ‘BESTE. STUURLUI. OOIT’ and ‘RUIMTEMISSIE: SCHRUIMTEMISSIE’.

  • Stefan Milan


    With Stefan Milan both sides of the stage will go crazy. This musical omnivore will jump along with the crowd. Trap, Electro, Dubstep, Techno... Stefan Milan changes genre as easy as a prostitute changes her bed sheets. A great party is guaranteed.

  • Andere Koek


    Andere Koek!, winner of the band-contest, is a ska/punk formation from Delft. Super funky ska tones mixed in with a healthy dose of grinding rock guitars. An extraordinary combination! Energetic music that definitely will get your feet moving!

  • Open IOF playlist
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DJ stage

  • Guerilla Speakerz


    Well respected in the underground and adored in the mainstream, the Guerilla Speakerz are known for their spectacular sets, playfully balancing innovative and crowdpleasing moments. Their energised blend of Grime, Juke, Techno, Garage and Hiphop styles landed them a golden gnome for Best new DJs back in 2008.

  • Maduk


    22 years old and living in Amsterdam and a new face in the drum & bass scene. "Euphoria" is the keyword to describe Maduk his style but he is not afraid to explore the different sounds within the drum & bass.

  • Curly and Stagg


    Two plain and simple normal boys with a goal: make people go wild. Curly and Stagg are two sweating armpits and painful feet. Curly and Stagg are Energy.

Sport en Cultuur stage

  • Cairo Liberation Front


    Cairo Liberation Front are pioneers when it comes to Electro Chabi, the soundtrack of the Egyptian revolution. Expect cheap hiphop-beats, fucked up electro, Oriental dancehall, sonic Arabian musical scales and lots of autotune. Get ready to be swept away by the underground dance-sound and shout Yalla!

  • Hömpfdingå


  • Petrol Molotov


    From pop hits to vintage rarities, from dirty electro beats to clarinets, he makes sure all nationalities and tribes represented on the floor get enough party vibe to get on their feet and bust shapes til the morning. Resident in Den Haag at the Electro Balkan Party and in Delft at Nice Up! and Globish Cirkus nights. Expect good amounts of gipsy music, dancehall reggae, mashups, breakbeat, swing, jungle and tropical beats.

Eurolines Kafee



    Straightforward songs and corny un-dutch prose. Two guys, both with a master degree earned in the gutter just released their brand new album: ‘Het Onderste Uit De Man’. No-bullshit on the fringes of your emotions. Unexpected emo-kick-downs associated with a high recognition. This is HAUSMAGGER.

  • Meneer van Dalen


    Meneer van Dalen searches, lingers and doubts. But most of all he waits, but for what? We try to help him by singing for him with clear voices, supported by an oiled rhythm section and an organic mix of guitars and electronics.

  • GOLD


    GOLD’s debut album, Interbellum, runs the gamut from progressive pop to hard rock with a fresh and modern scope. GOLD’s weapon is Milena. Whether she is extolling the virtues of love or raging at the divine, the band weaves their melodies and riffs around her breathtaking harmonies, creating an adventurous backdrop.

  • Zinkzand


    Zinkzand messes around, playing dirty Rock ‘n Roll, Rhythm and Stampblues, Pirate Polka or Ska. As long as it grooves. There has to be dancing and laughing, for Zinkzand thinks that is a healthy thing to do.

  • Jimmy Dumbbell


    Jimmy Dumbbell is the new rock sensation from Zeeland. Jimmy Dumbell has performed in the Netherlands and Belgium, as the supporting program for Racoon and a performance in the 3fm. Jimmy Dumbell ensures you of a night of rock ‘n roll at the highest level!

Supair podium

  • Maartje & Kine


    Maartje de Boer and Kine Handlykken met each other in the corridors of the Academy of Music. Their first commedy show made it right away to the finals of the ‘Groninger Studenten Cabaret Festival 2010’ and the semi finals of the ‘Amsterdams Kleinkunst Festival’.

  • Versjes van Lars


    Lars schrijft versjes over hele normale dingen. De versjes omringt hij op het podium met gezellige verhalen, scherts en zelfspot. Allemaal om uit die moeie, uitgeputte lichamen van de mensen de simpele ontroering, de plaatsvervangende schaamte, de onverwachte lach, de lichtjes in de ogen en de ongecontroleerde huppel op straat te laten ontsnappen. Heb lief!

  • Anonieme Artiesten


    Nick and Simon from the Anonieme Artisten (Artists Anonymous) are not from Volendam but do enjoy a good eel sandwich. Their Dutch, catchy and humorous songs make the world a better place and will entertain your whole family.

  • Comedy Colors Club


    The Comedy Colors Club colors the IO festival for the first time, bringing a comedy show that features a selection of upcoming comedians to hit Delft this year, with MC Jeroen Koster, Daveson Ignatia, Hassan Ben Ahmida & Fabian Franciscus.

  • Rice 2


    Rice 2 is a two-man band from Delft, they are rising stars. With a wide repertoire of laid-down and up tempo music, they meet the audience in a relaxed atmosphere. Besides their own songs, they play covers of e.g. Jack Johnson.

Extra acts

  • Jongens van de Tekeningen


    We are the Jongens van de Tekeningen and we make drawings. We take complex stories and turn them into understandable images. We sure can visualize everything. From poster to presentation or animation. The goal is to make the world tell convincing and visual tales. By whatever means necessary.

  • Shelly & Nelly


    Are you in need of a makeover or do you just want to spoil yourself? Shelly & Nelly are up for the job! Sit back, relax and let them do the work. There is only one condition: you should not be afraid of some serious Glitter and Glamour!

Ticket prices

i.d members        €9,50
other students     €13,00
at the door        €15,00

Ticket info

i.d members can buy one ticket with a discount and can introduce two people at a student price. Other students can buy a ticket as well and introduce one other person at a student price.

Offline tickets

You can get offline tickets at the following dates:

May 22nd – June 14th -- 12:30 – 13:30 -- IDE Faculty
May 22nd -- 17:00 – 21:00 -- i.d-Kafee
May 29nd -- 17:00 – 21:00 -- i.d-Kafee
June 5nd -- 17:00 – 21:00 -- i.d-Kafee

It is also always (between May 22nd and June 14th) possible to buy tickets at the counter of Study association i.d, located at the IDE faculty, Landbergstraat 15, opened 9:00 – 18:00.


Just get to the festival right now and get your tickets at the door!

The IO Festival committee 2013 would like to thank the following committees:
TOC, Grafisch, DiGiD, i.d-Kafee, i.d-Fix, Foto, Vidio, Actid, Exposid, Lustrum and also i.d board 40, upcoming i.d-board 41, all sponsors, Aldo Hoeben, Will Sneekes, bands DJ’s and acts, stage managers, volunteers, bar staff, security, BHV people, Rode Kruis, IDE faculty, Diederik & Diederik and of course all the visitors!

IO Festival committee - Study association i.d
Landbergstraat 15 2628 Delft
+31 (0) 15 278 3012